Louching toward Absinthium

December 21, 2007

So I’m halfway through this absinthe article at Salon when it hits me: absinthe martini!

But one trip to Google told me it had already been invented.

Still, I’m going to try it. Gin, absinthe, grand marnier and an orange twist? Could work!


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  1. Try it with vodka instead of gin (and no, you don’t have to be 007).

  2. I’d try gin or vodka. Keep it dry though. With olives. Stay away from the oranges for crying out loud.

  3. I came so close to registering “absinthestenence.com” a few months ago when Colbert mentioned it…

  4. W. Sommerset Maughan, in The Razors Edge, suggests that the perfect martini is a dry gin martini with a splash of absinthe. I would love to try one of those, although I suspect that the absinthe of Maughan’s time and ours is a different liquer altogether.

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