I’m okay!

January 5, 2008

I know, I know. The blog has been down for a week. But I’m okay! Everything is cool.

Some people sent me email and IMs asking if I was okay. Other people speculated that my sudden disappearance from the intarweb was an artifact of my subnormal intelligence and/or my unenviable financial situation. Seriously. So thanks for that.

Meanwhile, what’s really been going on is a) I have moved, b) I got hit with a pretty scary family crisis, and c)… I’m so exhausted that I forgot what c even was, but trust me–it was the kind of thing that makes you sympathize with the person to whom it happens.

So I haven’t dropped any IQ points, nor am I broke. The blog may go up and down a bit more today, owing to the vagaries of DHCP and DNS. But I’m fine. 🙂

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  1. Nah… I just figured they finally hauled ya off to Gitmo…

    So are you still self-hosting your blog from your living room?

  2. I’m afraid so. I’ve been meaning to transfer it to an outside host, but migrating six years of blog turns out to be more than a project for an odd half-hour. And that’s just about all the time I’ve had to dedicate to it so far. Anyone want to help?

  3. Hello Scott,

    Hope everything is well with the family. You’re in my thoughts and like it or not, in my prayers ;).

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