The demon barber of Fleet street

January 13, 2008

Last night I saw Sweeney Todd at the Rosebud. Here’s my brief review.

If you’re worried that Johnny Dep can’t sing, he can. He’s more than up to the challenge of portraying this gruesome character in song. Helena Bonham Carter is terrific, too. (I kept feeling like I see her in absolutely everything, but could not recall her name while I was watching the film!) And then there’s Alan Rickman. Who doesn’t love him?

A caution: it’s a grisly movie with loads of blood. If you think you may get squeamish seeing some throats cut, don’t go. If you think you can squint through it, then definitely go.

Two things about the end. First, it’s not a terribly happy ending. Second, it felt like there was a missing scene at the end. Once you’ve seen it, maybe you’ll agree that the credits rolled a bit abruptly.

Another note about blood: there was plenty of it, but it wasn’t the right color. I hate that.


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  1. In an interview on his movie “Eastern Promises” Cronenberg explained how he wanted the color of his blood to be perfect and had them use 2 different colors depending on where the blood was leaking out of the body. Apparently there is a big difference in color between bleeding aerated and non-aereated blood.

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