Fresh bread at (almost) a moment’s notice

January 21, 2008

Me and a million other people were thrilled and delighted at the New York Times’ bread recipe (pictured) back in late 2006. After making it for a year, I’m still pretty stoked about it. But now the Chicago Tribune has a story about another bread-making innovation!

This recipe works really well. I made up a batch, baked one loaf right away. It was terrific. Then I put the rest of the dough in the fridge for a week, and baked it last night. It was even better!

If you don’t bake your own bread, I really recommend you try one or both of these recipes.


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  1. […] in Food, Recipes/Cooking at 10:59 am by LeisureGuy Via Scott Feldstein’s blog, this recipe for a bread recipe. (The video required IE Tab for me—the Firefox tab […]

  2. Mmm… fresh bread.

    Anyway, random question. Do you consider yourself a moderate or a liberal? If you wonder why I’m asking, you can take a peak at Real Debate (Gore bumper sticker post).


  3. Bread is really bad for you.

  4. Scott, I don’t take any looks at realdebatewisconsin–not since I’ve been banned from the site. Fred Dooley is a jackass and it’s probably healthier for us both if we forget each other exists.

    But to answer your question, I’m a liberal. But I like to think I’m not a knee-jerk one. That is to say, I don’t always take the liberal position on every issue.

  5. Thanks Scott. I thought so. I definitely don’t consider you a knee jerk liberal. Are you still haunting any interesting political blogs? I might go argue with you and actually learn something unlike my current time spent at RDW.

  6. You can always come by Boots and Kittens.

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