Holy cow

January 22, 2008

I’ve been blogging for six years!


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  1. Congrats! 6 years? Man, I’m only a little over 2. BTW, what’s a decent dig camera for under $200.00?

  2. Hm. I’d look at something in the Canon A series. I think they’re a nice pocketable size without being too small. They are full-featured and take great pictures. Check out the A570 IS. That shouldn’t run you more than $200.

  3. You may want to check out the deal that is running on DealHack for a Canon SD1000 for about $150.

  4. Not a bad option. Myself, I’ve always shied away from the S series. They’re too small to hold still and operate, plus you end up paying more for the miniaturization. I prefer the As.

  5. I will agree on that. But, not a bad option on a budget though.

    It’s something that has always sorta puzzled me is that I love for examply my Nikon D50, but it seems Nikon’s compact shooters either are not up to par or just don’t get as much love as the point and shoot Canon’s. I will say I love my parent’s Canon S5, but then again I think I’m starting down the “Chevy vs Ford” road….

    Back on topic, yes, the A series Canons do have better ergonomics, I think most if not all take AA’s which are everywhere (ie gas station when you’re in a pinch), and can’t really go too wrong with any of them.

  6. I do agree. I shoot a Nikon digital SLR, and I love it. But if I had to shop for a point-and-shoot, I’d buy Canon every time.

  7. You’re such an old fart.

  8. Hey, congrats, that’s awesome about your blogging history!

    So I guess I started a few months after you did.:)

  9. Thanks, Scott. I’ll check it out!

  10. Congratulations on the persistance. It takes some endurance and dedication to battle it out daily the way you do.

    Good luck with your next six years.

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