Democratic voices

January 28, 2008

Speaking of politics, I have a question.

Harry “Milquetoast” Reid makes me cringe every time I hear his voice. Can’t we have Patrick Leahy or someone? Please?

And in the House we have, who? Nancy Pelosi. I’m not necessarily knocking her politics, mind, but as the public voice of the Democratic House? I’d rather give the mic to Charley Rangel. Wouldn’t you?


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  1. In the Senate, I’d like Chris Dodd. His defense of the Constitution in recent months has been nothing short of inspirational. In the House, Rangel would be good, maybe John Conyers or John Lewis.

  2. What about Russ in the Senate? /pipedream

  3. If by “Russ”, you mean Russ Feingold – then that’s a real joke. Outside of the Madison and Milwaukee Democrats, Feingold is like the Ralph Nader of the Senate with his crusades and “making a statement” bills. Many people outside of Wisconsin, both Democrat and Republican ask me how this guy ever got elected. Some of his stands and Senate motions have made him a real embarrassment to Wisconsin.

  4. What bill/stand/motion has been so particularly embarrassing for the state of WI?

  5. Well Bill, then more states should have such “embarassments.” His principled stands on issues have made me wish that Texas had someone like him in the Senate, and not the genuine embarassment like John Cornyn that’s such a waste of a seat in that body.

  6. Check out this embarrassing stand:


    Clearly the guy wants the terrorists to win.

  7. Why isn’t he running? Damn.

  8. Come in S cott…

    What about Dennis K?

    What about Mr. Bird?

    What piece of legistlation has Fiengold put through?

    Mccain/Fiengold.. Oh thats rich..

    You are such a butthead…..

  9. Most, ok let’s be honest, all of you folk who like the new Orwellian powers of the Bush administration will have a passionate newfound interest in upholding the constitution when it is President Hillary Rodham Clinton who has the ability to listen in on the entire nations calls without any oversight. I want to watch the swearing in of President Obama a year from now but I know how you radical right reepubs have a visceral hatred of Hillary after over a decade and a half of seemingly pointless and mystically motivated Hillary hatred. Rush “feminazi” Limbaugh has a screw loose.

    “What piece of legislation has Feingold put through?”
    That question is not an argument against Russ Feingold, it is an argument against the majority of the people who claim to be our representatives.

  10. I like Feingold for his attempt at campaign finance reform, yes, but most of the reason I like him is for what he did not vote for. Like the PATRIOT act and the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution in 2002. I specifically wrote him and thanked him. So did a lot of others. Even non-Wisconsinites.

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