Concession and Endorsement

February 4, 2008

This is a transcript of a speech given by Scott D. Feldstein on February 4, 2008 in front of a steamed up bathroom mirror while a series of people banged on the door for their turn in the shower.

Good morning. I want to thank my staff and supporters for all their hard work and dedication. Together, we have begun a historic movement and have done our part to change this country for the better. After victories such as these, there can be no true defeat. We will carry on, each in our own way, to make this nation as great as it can be. This is not an end, it is a beginning.

Nevertheless, I am announcing today that I am dropping out of the race for president of the United States of America, and endorsing Senator Barack Obama, Democrat from Illinois.

Senator Obama and I do not agree on everything. But he has consistently show a passion for the people of this country that is truly admirable. He represents a new generation of leadership that our nation needs very desperately. Furthermore, he is the Democrat who can beat John McCain or any other Republican nominee.

He alone among the major candidates can stand up and say without equivocation that he was against the ill-conceived war in Iraq. Not only can he end this fruitless war, but he can end the mindset which led us to it in the first place.

I will not presume to speak for the senator. He does it well enough himself. Give him a listen. I hope that you find in him, as I have, your candidate for president of the United States.

Thank you for coming.


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  1. Well, at least you endorsed the second choice behind you.


  2. Geez, have to chuck this into the bin with my brief seque into religon and the following of Banjo the Clown. Now what will the world do? Hope Obama does something with your delegates!

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