February 8, 2008

As ambivalent as I am about the economic value of the so-called “stimulus package,” I’m still going to love getting a check in the mail, same as you. Want to know how much you’re getting? Click here.


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  1. Hey, I’ll take a free $600 bucks. Of course, I’m the kind of person who’ll put it in the bank vs. spend it.

  2. There’s a lot of people with no earned income who will not receive any rebate even though they paid a load of taxes on unearned income (dividends, interest, real estate rental income, etc.). They are not all millionaires, but people who manage their investments as a full time living to return the equivalent of a modest yearly salary (50K to 100K per year). I guess they don’t to get to participate in stimulating the economy. So much for entrepreneurship and being your own boss.

    (PS-Yes they can incorporate and draw a salary as earned income, but then they would be subject to double taxation and all the federal and state taxes/fees associated with a corporation, whether it’s a C or S corporation or LLC)

  3. I don’t know what your point is, Bill. Are you trying to make a case for why they should be receiving stimulus checks?

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  5. Exactly Scott – there are many people out there that are not dependent on an employer for their income, but pay taxes. Why aren’t they included in the stimulus plan? Talk about falling through the cracks – and this is the “competent” government you want running health care!

  6. Well, Bill, the thinking is that people who live off their investments probably won’t change their spending habits based on a $600 check from the government. I guess economists figure that kind of person already has a widescreen high def television.

    Seriously, the whole point of the check is to stimulate the economy by having the money spent immediately. It is not to give tax money back to whom you think deserves it.

    Health care? Pshaw. I draw your attention once again to the fact that Medicare runs at 4% overhead while private insurance is something around 15%.

  7. I agree it’s to stimulate the economy and not a needs based rebate. I also believe people in the 90K to 150K earned income range aren’t going to change their spending habits much either with a $600 check, but at least their getting a check. My guess is that the great majority also have high definition TVs. It just goes back to the illogically and often incomplete decisions and results that come from politicians and government bureaucrats, Democrat or Republican.

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