February 24, 2008

In another week or two I may be ordering one up. Here’s a review, in case you’re nerdy like that.


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  1. You and me both. Well, the want part, ordering will be a long ways off yet unless a magical source of second income comes around 😦

  2. All that with programability, price AND battery life? Thats some camera.

  3. I have the D40 and love it…but I’m a pretty n00b photographer, so this one is probably worlds above my capability.

  4. Yeah, this one’s a bit much for beginners. There’s no “auto” mode nor even any pre-set modes like “portrait” or “sports.” You’re just expected to know what to do without all that stuff.

    I like it because it has the great low-light capabilities that I need for wedding ceremonies. Also it can shoot six to eight shots per second. These are the things I’ve pined for having shot my venerable, but less capable, Nikon D50 for the last two years.

  5. Active D-Lighting looks great (in the review). ISO 800 shots looked great as well. You are going to love that camera.

  6. I’m visualizing my toughest shoot: wedding ceremonies in dim churches. I’m seeing two cameras. The 50-150mm lens on the D300 at 1/125th shutter, f/2.8, and ISO 1600-3200. And the 18-50mm lens on the D50 at 1/30th shutter, f/2.8 and ISO 800-1600. I should be able to get sharp images in existing light at anything from 18 to 150mm. Just what I need!

  7. Talk, talk, talk – go buy it already. Why not carry one camera and two lenses, rather than two cameras and two lenses? Set yourself up so you can swap the lenses quickly. I think once you start using the D300 and seeing the increased quality of the images (especially reduced noise), you may not want to use the D50 again unless you’re outdoors at lower ISO settings.

  8. It’ll be somewhat less painful on the first when I’ve been paid. 🙂

    But the reason I won’t carry one camera and two lenses is because during a wedding ceremony I won’t have time to change lenses. At other times, yeah. I’ll just carry the D300 and let the D50 stay home.

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