The Front Door

March 2, 2008

I volunteered for moveon.org tonight. I went over to a neighbor’s house where a few of us called up Texas primary voters, hoping to get Obama over the top of Clinton. By far the best call I had was with a 91 year old black woman. I was on the phone with her for nearly ten minutes. There were great detours off my script while I listened to her tell me exactly what it meant to her to be voting for a black man in the primary. She told me how at her age, she’s seen a lot. She said she used to have to enter establishments “through the back door.” And now she may live to see the first black president.


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  1. I hope She sees that first black President sworn in less than a year from now.

  2. Good for you. Calling people is my favorite part of campaigning. Those few people who respond to you beyond the script when calling them make it all feel worth it. I distinctly remember two conversations a few months back while calling for Fred before the NH primary that I will not forget soon.

  3. Josh, I’m the opposite. I dislike making phone calls, but I really like knocking on people’s doors and talking to them face to face.

    I’m proud to be a Democrat in a year when history will be made regardless of the party’s nominee. I think it’s amazing that Obama’s been winning primaries across the South. I’m still a relatively young man (53), yet I can remember separate drinking fountains here in Texas. I graduated from an essentially segregated high school, with George Washington Carver High School still open for African Americans only still operating across town. An African American winning election after election like this in the South wasn’t something I thought I was likely to see in my lifetime, to be quite honest. I think he’ll win Texas, too.

    Regardless of the popular vote totals (which I think he’ll win), he’s certain to win more delegates here, simply because of our bat**** crazy delegate allocation rules, which even though they were written many years ago, seem almost designed to favor him.

    Whichever candidate gets the nomination will have my full-throated support in the fall. I hope it’s Barack Obama.

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