Commemorative bookplate

March 25, 2008

In recognition of your service, Raynor Memorial libraries would like to invite you to select a book from our collection in which we will place a commemorative bookplate acknowledging your service to the university.

Whoa. So I can either select a book, or I can choose a subject area and let them choose for me (as if!).

What book would you pick?


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  1. Well if I had to choose on your behalf, I’d say…maybe something from Tolkien or a well known author on philosophy (possibly ancient chinese philosopher).

    Me, I’d pick either an anthology of superheroes or a book written by Dr. Phillip Naylor…rock on Western Civ!

  2. How about The Naked and the Dead?

  3. If I had to make a quick decision I’d have to agree with the Tolkien choice. Or something on Chinese philosophy.

    We Novaks (even though we’re not related) do think alike.

  4. I don’t know what book i would pick, but i do know that “as if” is over.

    Time to pick a new phrase.

  5. Everyone Poops.

  6. Hey,
    (Folkbum), I have that one!!

  7. Go with the Kama Sutra 😉

  8. I think the first thing you have to decide is fiction or non-fiction?


    Fiction “Shibumi” by Trevanian or “The Godfather” by Mario Puzo.

    Non-fiction “Fiasco” by Thomas Ricks or “The Book of Five Rings” by Miyamoto Musashi. Many translations are available.

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