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April 21, 2008

You know I have a part-time photography business going on the side, right? Right. And you know I have a web site for the biz, right? feldsteinphotography.com, remember? Okay. So here’s the new thing I’ve added.

Zenfolio.com is a web site that allows photographers to sell prints of their work. I made myself a zenfolio account, uploaded some photos, made them into groups, set a password on one, left the other open to whomever, and then I mapped store.feldsteinphotography.com to the site.

Voila! Instant photography store.

Now all I have to do is update feldsteinphotography.com to link to it (and it needs new pictures in the gallery, too).


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  1. Let us know how the sales go… I’ve talked to a few local photographers, and none are sure about the best way to sell online…

  2. Zenfolio seems like a pretty good way. You have to read the fine print, though, as nothing but the $100/year membership allows you to actually receive any money for the sales. The two lower membership rates only charge visitors for the lab fees and zenfolios own small cut.

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