Three things

April 23, 2008

Catchy title for this entry, eh? Shut up.

First, I bought me some advertising on Google. Now when people search for “waukesha wedding photographer” and other key phrases, they’ll see my ad on the right hand side of their results. I pre-paid $50-worth of ads, but the cool part is they only ding me when someone clicks on the ad. We’ll see how it goes. If the $50 dwindles and no customers have materialized, I’ll rethink this strategy.

Second thing, also ad-related. I got another email today asking me if I’d place a text ad on several of my blog pages. I replied that I had said yes to this before (I didn’t tell him i’d also said no on one occasion), and asked him what the product was and how much he wanted to pay. So we’ll see where that goes. Who knows, maybe placing an ad on my blog for shaving cream will pay for my Google ads.

Third thing. Maybe I should join CoPA, the coalition of photographic arts. They’re all so “artsy,” though. I’m not sure if a utilitarian-minded event photographer like myself would fit in. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to attend one of their schmoozing get-togethers to find out.


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  1. well i think you’re pretty unique. which is not the same as artsy but in my opinion, unique is better :]

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