AdWords, Dummies, ziplens.com and 85mm

April 28, 2008

Ha! Scored another wedding contract today. This in spite of my complete inability to figure out Google AdWords. I make an ad. It gets an average position of between 4 and 6. It gets a couple thousand impressions. And it gets two clicks. Two. Each of which costed me exactly $0.19.

But there’s hope. I bought AdWords for Dummies, and so far it’s pretty good. I just need a couple hours here and a couple hours there to sit down, focus, understand, and do. Maybe this coming weekend.

In other photographic news, I have had an epiphany about my lens collection. I think I should trade out my 50mm f/1.8 for an 85mm f/1.8. The 50 has a lot going for it in terms of image quality, but it seems to lack a clear purpose. I believe that purpose will be much clearer with the 85: it’s a superb portrait lens and is long enough to be useful shooting indoor sports or wedding ceremonies in available light.

But I don’t have to guess. I rented the 85 for a week from ziplens.com. It should arrive in a couple of days.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about that lens for a while myself too. I really do love my 50mm, but there have been a few times I’ve wanted a little extra ‘reach’.

  2. I just bought the 50mm f/1.8 for my Canon and I am pleased to put away my 35-80 for a while. I have taken some photos that I love with this 50mm, it is good for getting people with.

  3. Yeah, a little belated, but if you got rid of the 50mm, I’d be more than happy to take (read: purchase) it from you. But, it may well be too late for that and you may well have already changed your mind. 😀

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