Phones on a plane!

May 22, 2008

If ever there was an opinion poll destined to change radically over the next few years, this one is it.


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  1. I doubt it. The last thing I want on an airplane is to be able to be called. The second to last thing I want is to try and sleep while 90 other people are yapping on their phones. I am pretty sure most other people would agree with this sentiment.

  2. I definetely don’t want to sit next to someone yapping on their phone throughout a flight.

    I don’t want cellphone service deep in the woods where we stay at my father in-laws cabin and I don’t want cell phone service while I am on a plane. It is nice to have a few remaining places where we aren’t connected.

  3. I understand the impulse to unplug yourself. What I’m less clear on is the need to unplug others.

    Me, I don’t care if people talk on their phones in a restaurant. I mean, if their ringer isn’t annoying and they’re not talking too loud, what’s it to me? They might as well be talking to their dinner companion.

    Trust me. This opinion poll will change dramatically in–let me be conservative–less than 10 years. People love their connectedness and their cell phones. They want the option to use them on planes if they want to.

  4. A restaurant, full of people talking to one another, is one thing. An airplane, full of people who really could give a rats ass about the current big sales deal is completely different. Yes, I want others unplugged at that time, very much so. Internet access? Sure. Voice? No. Witness the fact that 10 or so years ago, many airplanes had airphones (expensive, but serviceable) — how many have them now? Why? The majority of the people on the plane just do not want to hear other people’s phone conversations.

    Other places I wish people had the common sense to refrain from using cell phones? Public restrooms (happens at my current client site, and it creeps me out), check out counters, buses/airport shuttles, and casino tables (fortunately, within .5 microseconds, the dealer will inform the person that cell phones are not allowed at a casino table, as will the entire rest of the table).

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