Obama/Clinton 08?

June 4, 2008

No. I don’t think so. Here’s the positives:

  • It would bring in the much-talked-about (but possibly overrated) Hillary supporters who won’t vote for Obama.
  • She’d make a great attack-dog running mate.
  • There’s little difference between Clinton and Obama on matters of policy.

And here’s the negatives:

  • She and her husband may upstage Obama.
  • Some swing voters dislike her enough to drive them to McCain.
  • She does the one thing McCain can’t do himself–unify and energize the Republican party.
  • Her record on the war muddies Obama’s “I was always against this” line.
  • She represents the Democratic establishment and is a true Washington insider. This doesn’t mesh well with Obama’s “Change” message.
  • She’s a divisive figure in American politics and would likely bring some of that with her to an Obama presidency. Whitewater II, anyone? It’ll happen.

I’ll stick more or less to my earlier prediction: Obama’s VP pick will be Richardson by a nose–but I’d rather see Clark. Plus, he won’t make an announcement about it for at least another month, possibly two.


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  1. I agree on these points. His “change” message, among other things, would be diluted and probably muddied.

  2. Barack Obama supports killing a baby after he or she is completely out of his or her mother’s body: he opposed the BAIP Act in the Illinois Senate in 2001 and 2002!

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