Dumb things you hear about the presidential race

June 6, 2008

“Hillary deserves to be Obama’s VP.”

There was a close primary election, but it doesn’t follow that she “deserves” anything, or that she’d be the best addition to the Obama ticket. She brings a certain Democratic demographic with her, but she also brings the ability to alienate swing voters. She also will unite the Republican party against us–something McCain can’t even do. Meanwhile there are other possibilities which serve to shore up Obama’s military/foreign policy experience, bring in states he’s weak in, cater to groups that he’s not currently reaching.

“If she’s not the VP candidate, I won’t vote for him!”

Sweet Jesus, you’re an asshole. You seriously mean to say that, as a big Clinton supporter, you find McCain more to your liking than Obama–a man whose policy positions are virtually indistinguishable from Clinton’s. That’s as logical as a snake’s armpit. On the other hand, you could just be doing it out of spite–and that’s where the asshole part comes in. Apparently you’d rather sacrifice the values that Clinton and the Democratic party stand for just so you can shake your bitter little fist at the sky and demand that your candidate can “get her due.” That’s petty and stupid.

“He said such nasty things about Clinton during the campaign.”

Tell me, what color is the sky on your planet? He said nasty things about her? Take off your ClintonVision goggles for a nanosecond and realize that the actual state of affairs is that she and her campaign were far more aggressive than he was–and that they said some pretty controversial stuff, too.

“He can’t win without her.”

Bullshit. He can probably win with her, but there are at least a couple of better choices which would help him win even bigger.

“Clinton is going to do everything she can to sabotage Obama.”

Come on, really? You really think that she’s going to do everything she can to cause the Democratic party to lose the white house in November? I’m sorry, friend, but you have bought into the Hillary-is-the-devil meme started by misogynists, Republicans and misogynistic Republicans. Wake up.

“She’s going to run as an independent.”

No chance in hell.

“Obama should pick Colin Powell as his running mate.”

Because it would resonate so well with his “I was against this war from the beginning” message to be running with the guy who spoke lies to the United Nations in order to sell it to the American people. And it would really work well to have a Bush administration official on the ticket even though Bush has the lowest approval rating in the history of approval ratings.


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  1. I agree with your analysis on all counts.

    Powell would never run for office as he has stated on many occasions.

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