El Orfanato, Sweeded

June 19, 2008

Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth) directed The Orphanage, a haunted house/mystery film. I liked it. I mean, I always relish the opportunity to see a horror, sci fi or other “genre” film that is even halfway decent. So there’s that. I’d say The Orphanage was probably as good as The Others, but it was no Sixth Sense. I recommend it for a bit of atmospheric horror that won’t offend you with its stupidity.

Be Kind Rewind is a whole other issue. I was pretty excited about this film when I saw the trailers a while back. Why not? Mos Def, Jack Black and Danny Glover? What’s not to like? Besides that cast, it had a really fun premise: all the video tapes in the rental store had been accidentally erased, and it’s up to Black and Def to recreate them with a video camera and improvised costumes and sets. With all that going for it, however, the movie ended up feeling like a missed opportunity. Terrific cast, fun idea–mediocre execution. It’s worth a giggle. I don’t feel cheated, exactly. But it didn’t live up to expectations.


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