MADE: J. K. Lee Style!

June 20, 2008

Check out this episode of MTVs Made, a show featuring lifestyle makeovers for young people. In it, a kid named Ryan wants to give up his undisciplined lifestyle of video games and junk food to become a martial artist.

Enter master Chan Lee of J. K. Lee Black Belt Academy. Actually there’s a whole series of familiar faces in the show: master Lee, grandmaster Lee, my ex-demo team partner Becca (who whoops Ryan’s ass), and I think Mr. Duke Lee is behind one of the ninja masks.

Seriously, watch this. it’s loads of fun.


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  1. Man, this is really good. Excellent!

  2. […] in Daily life at 4:52 pm by LeisureGuy Check out this story. I don’t watch TV, so I didn’t know about this series, but I was fascinated by the way […]

  3. Excellent episode, it shows what martial arts is really about – focus, confidence, respect, self esteem and goals. MMA is entertaining but doesn’t show the true nature of martial arts training. We need more shows like this inspire kids to spend less time on video games and more time pursuing worthwhile physical and character building activities.

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