Onward to victory!

June 24, 2008

I bet my friend Adam that I could lose 10 pounds in seven weeks–while I simultaneously quit smoking. A largish bottle of Ketel One rides on this, so wish me luck.

The weight loss has been slow going these first two weeks, though. According to my Physics Diet chart, i’ve only lost 1.2 pounds so far. I mean, I could practically gain 1.2 pounds at the dinner table. That’s like nothing. But i’ve been doing what I’m supposed to do: Eating less and exercising. In fact, I’ve started running again. So far I’ve stuck to 2 miles a go, three times a week, but on Sunday I did 3 miles. I’m hoping to be able to do 3 miles three times a week as time goes on. Quitting smoking isn’t hard for me. I get some patches and I’m all set. The challenging part is staying quit long-term. So far so good. I think persistence is the key to success with this bet.

Speaking of bets, though, I have another wager that I’d like to offer. (I thought I blogged this already, but as it doesn’t seem to be here I guess I didn’t.) I’ll bet $50 that Obama is elected president in November. The first nay-sayer to put “I’ll take that bet” in the comments will get the privilege of handing over their hard earned cash to me on November 3rd.


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  1. I’m also on a weight-loss effort. I’ve tried a number of approaches, but nothing works so well for me as Fitday—they have a Website, but I use the downloadable program (Windows only, sorry to say). Still, it readily tracks food intake and exercise and I get to see that I’m not only staying in the calorie range I want (for me, now, less than 1400 calories per day), but also verify that I’m getting all the micronutrients I need and that the macro nutrients are in the appropriate ratios. I find it easy to use so long as I cook with measuring instruments (including scale) handy.

  2. Less than 1400 calories is for a third grader.
    I’m a small-frame female and I need at least 1700 calories, as does any adult, to keep my organs working.

  3. BFL has given me great results. I’m on wk 9. You should have made the bet in body fat percentage 🙂 S’pecially since you will be exercising.

  4. One of the things I did whenI quit smoking was to get some of those little golf scorecard pencils, and every time I came upon a time I normally smoked, I used one of those little pencils just like a cigarette. In conjunction with the patches, it satisfied the something-to-do-with-my-hands thing after meals or with coffee in the morning.

    People will look at you funny, but to hell with them.

  5. Scott,come back to class! monday high belt class is the one you’ll enjoy! dont you miss pushing yourself? Ask Bill ,you wont feel like you wasted your time.We’ll be watching for you . Great job on quiting smoking!

  6. I agree with Mike, come back to class – we will help you win!

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