New Guitar

June 25, 2008

As a younger man I used to play in rock bands. I gave it up because I didn’t like the late nights and tedious rehearsals. Plus, the crappy bands were fairly lucrative, while none of the good bands ever seemed to make any money at all. I stopped doing it seriously 10-12 years ago, I guess, and my last actual gig was probably around 2000.

For a time, I satisfied my musical itches (such as I still had) by plinking around on a Martin acoustic guitar at home. A couple of years ago, however, I got tired of looking at it and sold it.

Then my son Dan expressed an interest in playing guitar, so I bought him a playable used electric and an old practice amp. It seems Guitar Hero III is good for something after all, because he took to it pretty quickly.

All of which made me wish I hadn’t sold my own guitar. So–and this is the point of the post, sorry it took so long–last night I bought a guitar for myself.

It’s an Ibanez PF5ECENT performance series acoustic-electric cutaway, as pictured. It even came with a retro-looking hard case. Everything’s a little banged up from use, but it plays surprisingly well–and for $125 I could hardly have gone wrong. (Thanks Craig’s List!)

Now I just have to remind myself how to play the damned thing…

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