I stick with Windows because…

June 27, 2008

How do you get to write for Gizmodo? I want to know, because clearly it has nothing to do with the ability to make coherent statements about technology. Check out this juvenile, nonsensical piece about why Adam Frucci chooses to stick with Windows over the Macintosh.

It’s a little tedious, so let me summarize the main points. (And, seriously, these are actually the main points of the article.)

  1. I’m smarter than Mac users!
  2. Windows has been a shitty product for a long time, and I’m proud of the sheer volume of stuff I’ve had to learn about how to deal with it.
  3. Macs have problems, too! In fact, the Mac OS wasn’t even better than Windows until seven years ago!
  4. I find Windows more usable because it’s all I’ve ever used.
  5. The Mac OS doesn’t let a guy “get under the hood” and do super l337 H4X0R moves such as editing registry keys.
  6. Bill Gates is a renowned philanthropist, and Steve Jobs isn’t.
  7. Macs look cool! And people who care about looking cool are shallow, self-absorbed fashionistas. Naturally I myself don’t care about looking cool at all–in fact I’m hostile toward it.
  8. But the main reason I don’t switch to Mac is because I’m stubborn and lazy: On the one hand I can’t admit that I’ve been wrong all this time, and on the other hand I’d have to learn how to use a Mac and I don’t want to.
  9. I could be wrong about all this. The next computer I buy could be a Mac because Windows is so shitty that only a crazy person would choose to use it.

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  1. Hey, don’t knock the Windows users! I use Windows for the same reasons! 😛

  2. Sad! 🙂

    But seriously, there are valid reasons to stick with it. Why couldn’t this guy come up with any of them? Well, maybe point #4 is valid. But the rest of it is a poorly thought out ramble of half-baked rationales.

  3. 1. I’m invested in PC based apps, converting over to MAC OS apps would double or triple the initial cost of ownership. Yes, MACs can run in PC mode, but why would you when many of the programs especially Adobe products run better on a MAC OS.

    2. MACs (Laptop or Desktop) cost significantly more than their PC counterparts -in some cases double for similar features, resolution and speed.

    3. My daughter has a MAC Pro (2 yrs old) and found that over time, the keyboards do not hold up as well other PC laptops (Toshiba).

    With that said, if were to seriously get into graphic design, video and photo editing, I would buy a MAC with no reservations. There are also certain times (such as starting up a new Vista OS install), when I really consider buying a MAC.

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