June 30, 2008

I totally want to go glamping.

I think the Tanzania site looks particularly enchanting.


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  1. Um, I’m there honey!! You just give the go. Who needs Cancun when we could go glamping. Enchanting, you bet your sweet plantains.

  2. Glamping is in! People are tired of the standard hotel when going on vacation. Experiential travel is the next wave in vacations, the ability to create a lasting memory from your travel destinations is foremost in many travelers requirements. People that are glamping are experiencing just this- experiential travel in the wilderness, just without the negatives associated with camping.

    And while at these destinations guests can learn a new hobby they otherwise wouldn’t even consider: fly-fishing, rock-climbing, or even skeet shooting. You can’t take that away with you from any hotel stay.

    If you want a good idea of what glamping entails check out this blog at http://www.wildretreatblog.com.

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