Toiletries: A list

July 3, 2008

Toilet |’toilit|
2 [in sing.] The process of washing oneself, dressing and attending to one’s appearance: Her toilet completed, she finally went back downstairs.
* [as adj.] Denoting articles used in this process: a bathroom cabinet stocked with toilet articles.

Speaking of lists, welcome to my bathroom. Here’s a list of noteworthy products I use in it:

So there’s other stuff I use, but none are very noteworthy or interesting: Any old comb, cheap nail clippers, two sizes of scissors for various depilatory purposes. Now and then I’ll bleach my teeth, too. That’s really about it.

What are your favorite grooming items?

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  1. I’m absolutely speechless.

  2. A trained beautician isn’t allowed to be speechless about my list.

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