Learn to shave

July 8, 2008

I don’t even really remember when I started shaving. I just know it gradually developed from an occasional practice to a regular grooming necessity some time during my late teens and early twenties. What I can say for sure is that I never cared for it until May of 2006, when I discovered a better way–an old fashioned safety razor, high quality shaving creams, a badger-hair brush, and all the correct techniques to use them.

I have two teenage boys in the house, now, and I suppose they’ll do whatever suits them–as they should. But I wanted to at least introduce them to some of these traditional products, so I ordered them razors and brushes.

As for learning how to use them, there’s probably no better resource than Michael Ham’s book Leisureguy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving: Shaving Made Enjoyable. However, I also found these videos helpful.

Don’t skip parts two and three.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, Scott. And the videos are indeed helpful. In the book, I also recommend watching them. It will be interesting to see what the teens think of the traditional tools. My own teen experience with safety razor, brush, and shaving soap was not very good, but at that time I had no idea of the right way to go about it.

  2. I hate shaving, but I also hate having a beard. I developed my own shaving technique to get a razor close shave without using any cream. I quickly and roughly knock down the whiskers with an electric shaver, then wet my face again and go over the mug with a sharp razor and no cream. Voilla… I have a clean close shave that is better than you can get with an electric shaver, but less messy and quicker than what you can get with the traditional cream and razor technique.

  3. Guys like me shave more than once, too. That’s kind of the core of the technique, actually. Shave your whole face very, very lightly, with a single very sharp blade–then repeat a second or third time. Each pass aims at beard reduction rather than elimination.

    In my view, the down side of your method is that you’re missing out on the luxurious spa-like qualities of good shaving cream applied with a proper brush.

  4. Wet shaving is so luxurious…I have always hated shaving, and I cannot sleep with a beard. When I wet shave I feel more like I am pampering myself.

    I have also typically hated is after shave and lotions, but since I started wet shaving, I find that I am starting to like those as well.

    When I wet shave I tend to scrape my face two to three times.

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