Things that the cool kids love that I still don’t really get

July 22, 2008
  • Twitter. It was kind of a relief to hear Barry Dahl today say that he had been on the virge of ditching it after giving it a try. Then, however, he realized that he hadn’t been following enough of the right people–the people that really interested him, and who also tweeted a lot. Maybe that’s the challenge for me. I guess I should give it another go.
  • del.icio.us. Yes, it’s true! I don’t use it or any other social bookmarking tool.
  • Meebo. You know what, though? I think I was like one of the first meebo users out there, two or three years ago. At that time it struck me that its main purpose was to see other IMers who were near you geographically. Perhaps I misunderstood the service, or perhaps it’s focus has changed some since then. Now it seems to be pretty much a web-based IM congregator for AIM, MSN, etc. And that’s still pretty cool. But I don’t often miss the people on Yahoo! or MSN. And I don’t know that the web interface is ever going to make me as happy as iChat does–plus, no video!
  • Linux. I don’t hate Linux. I used it for years to serve up scottfeldstein.net. It’s just that it’s still not a great solution in terms of usability on the desktop. For years I’ve listened to the Linux crowd say that some new distro or another is ready for prime time, but they never really are. “Oh, yeah? Well did you try—-?” No, I haven’t. I’m waiting for a more compelling reason to give the next one a try, such as evidence that the fundamental problem of desktop Linux has been overcome: it’s made by nerds for nerds. I reiterate my oft-stated Linux predictions: one day a distro will be desktop-ready. That distro will be instantly hated by the current Linux crowd.
  • Firefox. I know, I know. Everyone who’s anyone loves it. Quite aside from it being a nice piece of software, there are other reasons for its popularity: A political statement against tyrannical software vendors, and because a lot of smart Windows users needed to get away from IE. I never had either of those concerns with my browser. Plus, as a practical matter it launches slower than Safari and I love how Safari handles my bookmarked RSS feeds. Which brings me to..
  • Google Reader. Or any other web-based or thick client RSS aggregator. None of them are as convenient to me as just using Safari bookmarks. I’ve written about this before, so I’ll say no more about it now.

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  1. Me, I love Twitter and Firefox. But then again, I hate Gmail.

  2. Am with you on all of the above, however, I loves me some firefox. I think it’s for the secret mac lover inside of every PC owner.

  3. I use all of those except linux, but I’m working on that đŸ˜›

    And for Twitter it’s so true that unless you’re following people talking about things you’re interested in, it’s not that great.

    And for RSS feeds Google Reader is the only way to fly.

  4. Meebo rocks! But then, I work in consulting, and a lot of my clients block AIM/Yahoo/MSN Messenger….but do not block meebo.com. For me, it is a useful work around to be able to IM co-workers et al while at my client.

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