Slash this

July 24, 2008

It’s annoying when people say “forward slash” when giving you a web URL, right? I mean, everyone knows that web addresses only contain forward slashes. Just saying “slash” is quite enough.

What’s ten times more annoying, however, is when people say “back slash” when giving you web addresses. And there are people who do this. People who should know better.

I think we should round up all the slash confused and send them to a slash reeducation camp.


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  1. Is there a use for the backslash?

  2. That’s why, at least among geek circles, you often time hear “forward slash” referred to as “whack”.

    So web addresses might be www dot foo dot com whack bar… or http://www.foo.com/bar

  3. Nick, using “whack” is even nerdier than saying”bang” to mean exclamation points–which I occasionally do, simply because it’s shorter to say.

    Karen, I think backslashes are most often used in Windows networking and old DOS directory navigation.

  4. …especially when a techno-dope like me, not knowing any better, uses the backslash given to me in the URL and ends up being directed to nowhere-land.

    Bang. I really like that. I occasionally do some proofreading here at my job, but regrettably, bangs are in very short supply in legislative writing, so I won’t get a chance to say it while reading aloud. Too bad.

  5. I think you’re all too easily annoyed by little stuff. Lighten up, you will live longer.

    I also believe that slashes and other internet/software formatting conventions for end users are carry overs from the past and should be eliminated. Why not use commas or semi-colons as in conventional writing? If anything, you all should be annoyed that software intelligence hasn’t progressed to the point of not needing slashes to indicate sub-folders or sub-addresses. Why are slashes needed after http – change the conventions and eliminate the need for arbitrary symbols. A simple space or comma would be fine and closer to the way we normally write.

    I’m all for eliminating the keyboard and speaking to the computer as in Star Trek. We just need to get voice recognition and voice synthesis working a lot better.

  6. Upon reflection, I think you’re absolutely right, Bill.

    Although it doesn’t entirely excuse people who work in technology and who should know better.

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