The no-beer blues

July 24, 2008

I was in this bar yesterday afternoon. Just me and another chance-met conference attendee killing a few hours on Beale street before getting a cab to the airport. Wanting to make the most of visiting a strange city, I asked the bartender what locally brewed beer they had. He simply shook his head–there wasn’t any locally brewed beer. So I had a big national brand. I don’t even remember what it was (except that I was given the choice between regular and “big ass” size).

How could a major metropolitan area, an old city with a rich history and culture–not to mention a 24/7 party zone like Beale street–not have any beer of its own? I pondered this sadly while drinking my big ass beer and listening to Albert King’s grandson (supposedly) sing the blues.


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  1. Actually, there appears to be quite a few locally brewed beers, as this sight mentions: http://www.brewpubzone.com/States/Tennessee.html

    Some bars are like that.

  2. I’m guessing government regulation and an anti-business Democrat party has a lot to do with it. Scott, people like you have no clue what businesses go through in order to employ people and raise families.
    You have no clue. I do think you mean well. You have good intentions. Your intentions pave the road to hell and bloat the hell out of government and taxation.

  3. But John McCain wants to ban every beer!

    (Hey, you can’t expect a serious response to that kind of diatribe.)

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