July 31, 2008

I mentioned that I was looking for a car, and now I’ve got one. I’m the proud owner of a 2003 Chevy Tracker. That’s the 2WD, 5-speed manual, convertible model. In white, as you can see. It has 52,000 miles on it, and after tax, title, service fees and all that other crap, I paid $5,500 cash for it.

If this puppy gets me another 50,000 miles without a major repair, I’ll consider that a great deal. It’s a smaller vehicle than I was looking for. But on the positive side, it’s a great compromise between my longing for the 95 pathfinder and my desire not to have to take out a loan to gas it up. The Tracker is an SUV and has a manual transmission, but also is has small 4-cylinder engine. It’s a wee baby Pathfinder.

What of the Saturn? I’m bequeathing it to my son, Dan. He doesn’t seem thrilled, but hey, it’s a car. (I mean, it’ll be a car once it has a muffler put on it.) And if he’d rather sell it or whatever, I don’t care.


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  1. Looks like a nice buy. It’s rated 23/26 mpg which is good even for a smaller SUV. I hope you get used to the rear wheel drive in winter after having driven a FWD Saturn – check your tire tread depth.

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