August 4, 2008

My neighbor hit upon a terrific idea for my book: a series of essays about my experiences shooting peoples weddings. Of course it would have to be somewhat fictionalized to protect the privacy of the people involved, but I think it’s brilliant.

It’s got a built-in structure. It’s chunkable, in that I can write it in modular form (wedding 1, wedding 2). It’s something I know enough about to pull off. And best of all, it’s not really about them, it’s about me. Writing about their weddings will provide an interesting lens (if you will) through which the reader can discover my own feelings and thoughts about love, marriage, family, children, religion and more.

The other day I tried to brainstorm some thoughts about the idea without any censoring. The best thing to come out of that? “My interview with Terri Gross will be riveting.”

Having established that, I find myself wishing now for a brief “ten tips for writing your book” kind of guide. It seemed like the web was positively stupid with them, but now that i do some searches, I can’t find any that seem right for me.

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