Olympic video

August 11, 2008

I don’t watch TV, but I am interested in the olympic games in China. So naturally I went to the web to find video of the events I want to see. If you don’t know where to go, try NBC. Scroll down to “Search video” where you can select the sport of your choice and see all the relevant videos below.

I’ll probably watch some of the judo and–when it appears later this week–the taekwondo. I might sneak a peek at beach volleyball, too–not that I know a darned thing about the game.

UPDATE: Whoa, I’m not the only fan of beach volleyball!


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  1. TKD coverage is only online starting 8-19-08 .

  2. The top women’s beach volleyball team has been undefeated in over 100 games, and the two games I have watched were quite impressive.

    You might want to watch some of Michael Phelps’ races, those were quite impressive (even though in one of them, he was not the impressive one).

    Lastly, the women’s fencing medal round was VERY cool to watch!

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