We’re 77!

August 25, 2008

Good news for Marquette. The university’s ranking in US News & World Report went from 82nd to 77th in the nation.

My guess is that there are over 4000 colleges and universities in the United States. (Anyone know for sure?)

For the record, I received my masters in education from Marquette in December of 2002, the university has been my employer for ten years, I am an adjunct faculty member in the college of professional studies, and my oldest child is a freshman this year. That makes me an alum, an administrator, a teacher and a parent. I’m pretty sure if I were to take a class and become a student, I’d probably break some very important computer system by having too many roles at the institution.


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  1. Google is your friend 🙂

    Total number of Colleges & Universities: 4084
    4 year: 2363
    2 year: 1721
    source: census.gov
    Statistical Abstract of the United States
    No. 257 Higher Education Summary

    A slightly different breakdown is available from the Chronicle of Higher Education:

    “Public 4-year institutions 615
    Public 2-year institutions 1,092
    Private 4-year institutions, non-profit 1,536
    Private 4-year institutions, for-profit 169
    Private 2-year institutions, non-profit 184
    Private 2-year institutions, for-profit 500
    Total 4,096 ”

    Now, on the subject of postsecondary vocational/technical institutions:

    Total postsecondary vocational/technical institutions: 3660
    2-year: 2073
    less than 2-year: 1587

    source: U.S. Department of Education:
    National Center for Education Statistics

    search strategy:
    statistical abstract of the u.s., colleges
    “total number of colleges”
    vocational, “postsecondary education”, statistics

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