McCain speaks and accepts the Republican nomination

September 4, 2008

I was really, really disappointed to see at least two protesters interrupting senator McCain in the Xcel Center. That’s simply not called for. They were hastily removed, thank goodness.

How did McCain do? Well, his delivery has improved since the last speech I watched, which isn’t saying much. I’m waiting for conservative pundits to call it “electrifying” or something. In fact, it was no more than adequate, but it was an improvement.

Message? It must be hard for a Republican to run on a platform of change when his party has been in control of Washington–house, senate and presidency–for so much of the last eight years. He himself has been in Washington for that entire time. If Republicans need change, what is it that they need change from? Themselves?

The senator has an amazing biography and I was moved afresh by stories of his military service and heroism.

If Republicans are nominating a man who thinks global warming is a serious threat that needs attention, then are they finally admitting that they have been wrong all these years? What does governor Palin think? And why wasn’t senator McCain speaking up about this years ago? Inquiring minds want to know.

He parsed his words very, very carefully when discussing Obama’s tax reform proposals. He didn’t actually say that Obama was going to raise my taxes (he won’t), but he did threaten that Obama’s tax increases would kill jobs. Same old Republican duck and weave. Yawn.

Senator McCain is a good man who has served our country for many years, but he’s the wrong guy at the wrong time. He and his party have had their chance. Look where it got us: an unnecessary and poorly conducted war, an anemic economy, people losing their homes, fuel prices choking family budgets, torture, secret prisons, an erosion of our constitutional right to privacy, and a world which views us with fear and distrust rather than admiration.

With their party in decline and America so displeased with them, I guess the Republicans needed to nominate their maverick. Their only chance is to put someone forth who has the most disagreements with the party platform and leadership.

But I ask you: is real change about electing the most mavericky member of the party that’s been in charge? Or is change electing someone from cut from an entirely different cloth? Someone from the opposing party? Someone who hasn’t had a decades-long Washington career?

Like I said, change is a tough pose to strike when you and your party have controlled Washington during our nation’s precipitous decent into it’s current state.

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  1. Scott,

    I didn’t get to see much of the speech due to being busy with other stuff at work, and the fact that I could care less about the RNC. I saw one of the protesters get taken out around 9:20ish, when was the other?

    As to change… Electing McBush..er..McCain is just asking for M.O.T.S., more of the same. Electing him can guarantee the fact that we’ll be less free, our economy will be worse off, and we’ll have Vietnam 2.0, Cold War 2.0 and/or WW3 because he believes that force, not diplomacy, is what works. Hell, we’ll be even more isolated from the world if McBush were elected.

    Of course, I have no faith in the American voter anymore… Especially after 2004. They’ll go out and vote on emotional issues, or whether there’s a woman as the VP, rather than the actual issues, such as war, the economy, etc.

    McBush is nothing new… He’s more of the same old shit, different day, and NOTHING will change if he’s elected…. Well maybe one thing would, the attitudes of the voters in 2012, after the nation self destructs, and falls from recession to depression.


  2. Adam, the very fact that you see no difference between George Bush and John McCain shows your entire post to be no more that a rather crude regurgitation of the Democrat talking points….no thoughts of your own in there.

    Scott, Kudus on your repudiation of the moon bat protestors. Very poor form to disrupt ANY political convention, and shame on the news organization that arranged for their credentials. Violent protests, destruction and vandalism, and even dropping bags of cement on busses traveling on the freeway. Simply Shameful.

    Senator McCain is hardly a conservative. To say that we “global warming heretics” have now gulped the Green Kool-Aid and lost all scientific reason is silly. We still see a scam as a scam. The reason McCain has had very soft support is that most Republicans disagree with him on one issue or another….like his views on Global Warming Orthodoxy. That’s why Palin was added to the ticket. She represents conservatives.

    Real change? Well, there is good change, and bad change. The word “change” by itself says nothing. McCain was very lax on pointing out Obama’s shoddy tax math. Obama will add from $385 to $850 billion to the budget. With a tax cut for 95% of the people as he promised, and the re-institution of Paygo, that will require a doubling of corporate income tax and an increase of the top marginal rate to 45% for the top 5% of tax payers. I’m sure that will cause change….in the economy. Keep in mind, those companies are going to pass the tax increase along in the form of higher prices. If the economy slows, then tax revenues will drop, requiring even harsher increases in tax rates.

    McCain has been trying to change DC for decades….he has authored a lot of legislation to that end. Perhaps that would a place for Obama to start. He could try authoring a piece of real legislation and work his way UP to change.

    PS, glad to see your site up again.

  3. […] Feldstein had a thoughtful review of McCain’s acceptance […]

  4. To say that we “global warming heretics” have now gulped the Green Kool-Aid and lost all scientific reason is silly. We still see a scam as a scam.

    And this is why I don’t trust that a McCain presidency can truly address this issue. Whatever his beliefs, his party still views it as a “scam.”

    McCain was very lax on pointing out Obama’s shoddy tax math.

    McCain doesn’t have anything on Obama’s tax reform proposals. All he can say is that he’s going to “raise taxes,” but he never says for who–or if he does say, he lies about it. Obama isn’t raising taxes on “middle income Americans.” I’m middle income and my tax break will be larger under Obama’s plan than under McCains. So will most everyone else’s. The people who get graduated increases start with those making over $250k. Boo hoo.

    that will require a doubling of corporate income tax

    Most American corporations don’t pay any income tax. 90% of them pay less than 5%.

    those companies are going to pass the tax increase along in the form of higher prices.

    Some of it, sure. But we’ll have the money to pay it because we’re getting the tax breaks that they previously got.

    Look, Republicans always say that corporate America and wealthy America need tax breaks–more and more, even if they pay almost nothing now–because otherwise we’ll all lose our jobs. I call bullshit. Giving the tax breaks to middle class folks is every bit as economically stimulating as giving it to the investor set.

  5. Man Made Global Warming IS a scam…..or at the very least, a religion. There is a rather large mountain of evidence forming in that regard, backed by a mountain of very prominent scientists from all over the world…..and now some are saying that the warming stopped 10 years ago and we will see cooling. You aren’t one of those folks who plans to triumphantly state that the warming is causing cooling…are you?

    The minimum marginal corporate tax rate is 15% on profit under $50,000…..not 5%. The AMT rate is 20%. Exxon made $11.68 billion in profit the 2nd quarter of 08. Exxon paid $10.5 billion in income taxes in the second quarter, $9.5 billion in sales taxes, and over $12 billion in what it called “other taxes” during the same period. No taxes. lol

    Like it or not, the profit motive is what drives our economy. When you tax an activity, you reduce the incidence of that activity. Tax cuts should be fair and across the board. The top 5% of earners (AGI of $153,000) already pay a whopping 60% of the total tax burden. That means 4.5 million taxpayers are paying 60% of the nations income tax. But you feel that they are just not paying enough. Let those 4.5 million take over a bigger share so that YOU can get a break. If that means shuffling more taxes onto roughly 6 million people to support the other 295 million, well heck, sounds fair to me. Let’s get that wealth redistributed to the folks who truly deserve it.

  6. You’re being lied to about global warming. I’m sorry you’re so easily led and so gullible.

    I didn’t say anything about the rates of taxes being levied against corporate income. I’m merely pointing out that the majority of them actually pay no federal income tax. And, as I said, over 90% of them pay less than 5%. I’m sure their actual rates are astronomical–to keep up appearances. But they get so many loopholes and breaks that they effectively pay nothing at all. That’s a stone cold fact that I’m prepared to document the bejesus out of.

    The top 5% of earners pay 60% of the income tax in America? That’s interesting! So… how much of the income do they have?

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