October 27, 2008

I don’t know if you know this, but apparently there’s an election happening next Tuesday.

I am sticking to the prediction I made many months ago: Obama wins the presidency and does so with at least a 5% margin of the popular vote. He’ll also flip a so-called “red state”–probably Virginia.


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  1. You’re not worried about the Bradley Effect? Or about voting machine “malfunctions”? Or registered voters being driven away from their polling places?

  2. Karen> Well I’m a bit worried about all of those things but it seems to me as well that unless something very strange happens Obama will win.

  3. Elections have to be close to be monkeyed with like that in any meaningful way. None of the really close states are necessary for Obama to win at this point.

  4. I’m pretty sure the cucumber soda you had was Press, which is a Milwaukee product. Try the cucumber sode with watermelon vodka and a splash of Midori.

  5. […] the election at Hobo Springs. Well, for president and the 97th Wisconsin. Scott Feldstein makes his presidential prediction […]

  6. My official prediction:

    WINNER: Obama
    Percentage: Obama 50.1%, McCain 44.3%, “other” 5.6%
    Electoral Vote: Obama = 318 McCain = 220

    Side predictions:
    The coal issue will give Ohio to McCain (yeah, I know the whole thing about no prez ever losing Ohio and winning the election. But this election is all about “change” and this will be one of them).
    Obama will take Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Florida (but not by much in Florida).

    Proposition 8 (the gay marriage amendment to the California constitution) will be defeated.
    The Milwaukee County sales tax referendum will pass.
    Rep. Murtha is going down.
    Al Franken will lose.
    The Democrats will pick up four more seats in the Senate, giving them a 55-45 advantage (if Lieberman continues to caucus with them).

  7. Ohio to McCain? That could happen. But I’m waiting to see where Virginia lands.

    And I really, really want Franken to win in Minnesota. The Democratic victory will not feel absolutely complete to me unless he makes it.

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