If I were really, really rich…

November 3, 2008

What if you won a huge lottery or something? After the dust settled, what would your life be like? How would it be different? I know there are some people who would hardly look up from their current occupations to notice that they’d won before going back to whatever it is they were doing. Or so they say. But me, I’d make some changes. Here’s a few of them.

I’d own a cottage in Door County. I’d live there from September through December so that I could enjoy the holidays in that picturesque setting. Where I’d live the rest of the year, I don’t know. Perhaps not even in the States. I am, after all, married to a Brit.

I’d go to Macworld in San Francisco every January. I’d always attend the keynote. I’d buy a new Mac laptop annually.

I’d shoot a Nikon D3, except when I was shooting my D300. My lenses would be: Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR, Nikkor 85mm f/1.4, Nikkor 18-70mm f/2.8.

I’d quit my job in a cloud of donated cash. Every now and then I’d stop in and visit the Scott D. Feldstein educational technology center, just to see how things are getting on.

I’d spend my time philanthroping, photographing, cooking, traveling, reading, learning, living.

I’d have a room of her my own. The kind with books, dark wood, leather chairs, brass lamps and antique globes. Cigars, whiskey, the whole nine yards.

I’d have a sunken hot tub big enough for a few friends. I’d have flagstone floors, hardwood floors, granite counters and at least two fireplaces.

My primary residence would have a guest house on the property for visiting friends and relatives. (Perhaps I could even get someone to build it hobbit-hole style.) All would sit on a large piece of wooded land suitable for long walks.

I’d get me a Tesla roadster.

I’d have a master bath which accommodated both the short (my wife) and the not-so-short (me). Sinks, counters and mirrors would be just right for their respective user. There would be fog-free mirrors. And–yes!–a urinal.

There would be a gym with free weights and treadmills as well as floor space for yoga and other activities.

I’d get me a brace of hounds. (Probably mutts, as I’m not keen on the practice of “pure” breeding dogs.)

I’d have a full time housekeeper to do laundry and dishes and so on.

I’d have big parties on Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I’d have smaller get togethers on Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Some day’s I’d go Brook’s Brothers. Most days I’d go Land’s End or LL Bean. I’d probably continue to wear my Eton College cologne made by Taylor of Old Bond Street.

But all of this reminds me of a joke. An old Jewish man was in the habit of praying to god every day: “God please let me win the lottery!” he would say. “I’m the most pious Jew imaginable, I deserve it!” Finally one day God answers him: “For goodness sake, man–buy a ticket already!”


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