Election notes

November 5, 2008

With a sweeping Democratic victory last night, our long national nightmare is finally coming to a decisive close. It’s made all the more fabulous by the fact that we’ve elected our first African-American president.

It looks like I was right: Obama wins, does so with greater than 5% margin of the popular vote, and flips a red state–Virginia.

You know how confident I was in an Obama victory? I wrote the previous post (Victory!) over lunch on Tuesday and scheduled it to automatically appear at 10pm. And it was precisely at 10pm that CBS called the race for Obama, too.

Sadly, the local chapter (are there other chapters?) of Drinking Right actually met last night, on election night. Therefore, I was not able to join them to drink on their dime and gloat a little.

I really, really want Al Franken to win in Minnesota! I’m hoping against hope that a recount pushes him over the edge.


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  1. Looks like Prop 8 will pass in California. Democrats have only themselves to blame for it. I know four people personally here (Democrats) who didn’t vote yesterday because Obama had such a wide lead in the state.

    Writing discrimination into a constitution. Sad. And the thing is, I’m not so sure that the US Supreme Court will overturn or even accept the case. They have traditionally stayed out of the marriage arena – leaving it up to states to decide on their own.

  2. The biggest surprise/flip to me was Indiana. That just seemed to come out of nowhere in the last week or so. And my favorite factoid that I’m spreading every where–Obama carried 78% of the vote in Maverick County, Texas.

    It’s hard to imagine a more thorough repudiation of the Rove/DeLay/Bush model of governance.

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