James Bond: Moody BAMF

November 14, 2008

You know I liked the last James Bond movie, Casino Royale, so I guess you won’t be surprised that Karen and I are going to the Rosebud tonight to see the newest 007 effort: Quantum of Solace.

I liked Casino because it was different stylistically from previous efforts. Gone is the over-reliance on gadgetry. And the violence–while still spectacular–is now weighted with realism. Also, Daniel Craig makes a wonderful Bond. He’s not the smirking, suave “lounge lizard” (thanks LG) of my childhood. Instead, he’s a moody BAMF. This transition has, in my opinion, rescued the franchise from oblivion.

If Quantum of Solace continues in this positive direction it may just leave me shaken and stirred.

Sorry, couldn’t help it.

Hey, I wonder if the Rosebud will make me a Vesper?


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  1. I agree: Daniel Craig finally wrenched the series from the (70s) grasp of Sean Connery and put the stories in a much better setting. Plus I think Craig looks more like a tough Navy veteran than Connery did.

  2. Of course they will make you a vesper, granted we may have to give instruction. 😉

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