Video Games

December 9, 2008

Aside from a couple of weeks with Twilight Princess when we got the Wii system, it’s been a long time since I let myself become engrossed in a great video game. Twilight, like all Zelda games, is fantastic. But it’s no Ocarina. I don’t even think it’s as fun as Wind Waker.

Ocarina was a near-perfect video game, certainly the best ever created in the “adventure” genre. The only criticisms I have for it is that occasionally the interface for using items became tedious (switching your boots back and forth in the water temple, for example) and the dialog was sometimes unintentionally quirky, having been originally written in Japanese. In any case, it’s dated now. New gamers will not likely have the same reaction to it that so many of us did ten years ago. Time to move on, I guess, and wait for a new gold standard.

Diablo III is on the distant horizon, so that’s something. It’s been a busy couple of years and nothing else has really captured my attention. Perhaps when the Lord of Terror finally reappears–a year from now?–I’ll jump back into gaming again for a bit.

What’s your favorite video game? Are you looking forward to a new game?


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  1. My sister got me hooked on Guitar Hero. I especially have enjoyed Guitar Hero III (great sound tracks), but haven’t gotten IV yet. I will at some point I’m sure.

    I also got hooked on Left 4 Dead. It’s just a great game to burn off steam with. I personally like the types of games where I don’t have to dedicate hours and hours at a time to playing. If I can sit for 10 to 30 minutes, play for a while, let off some steam, and feel like I can put it down, then its a perfect game.

  2. here’s my favories by system:

    atari: megamania
    c64: beachhead
    pc: castle wolfenstein
    sega genesis: nhl ’94
    n64: madden
    xbox: call of duty (1-3)
    wii: madden ’08 and guitar hero playing solo, mariokart with the kids

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