Please be assured that the things I write on my blog represent my own opinions and nobody else’s. Scottfeldstein.net does not represent the opinion of my employer, my friends, or my family. In fact they are all frequently horrified by some of the things I write here, as all decent folks should be. There is, after all, a reason why this site is called scottfeldstein.net: It’s about me, not them.

But there are things you should know about. I have ads, for starters. I do not get to pick the ads, thus I have no opportunity to wheedle free merchandise out of anyone in exchange for ad space. The ads are placed by Google; I give Google permission to put ads in the parts of my pages that I so designate for this purpose, and Google (using their secret Google magic) does their best to pipe in ads that have something to do with what I’ve been writing about. It’s a pretty hands-clean operation for me. Am I getting rich off it? Shit no. I’m making about $10 a month off those ads, so please don’t think my judgement is being tainted by the Big Dollars.

There also have been a couple of one-off deals I’ve made. Karate Depot.com once gave me a katana sword in exchange for linking to their store instead of Amazon for my martial arts wish list items; some guy paypal’d me $20 to put a text ad on an entry about buying a razor. That kind of thing.

The point is, my opinions are really my own. The greatest danger to that probably being self-censorship out of concern for my family, friends and employer. When my palm is crossed with silver, I do try to be up front about it, though (thus this page).

In conclusion, when I take money I’ll let you know. And if you’d rather keep your own counsel on what to buy because I’m on the take, that’s okay by me. Just so long as we both know where we’re at. Cool? Cool.


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