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(Photo October 15, 2008, Mexico)

Someone suggested that I write a short introduction of myself for people who don’t know me very well. Reading it would give the first-time visitor a few key points of context that could only otherwise be had by wading through a lot of archived posts. This is that introduction.

I live in southeastern Wisconsin (USA) with my wife and our five children. Though I am originally from Los Angeles, I consider Wisconsin my home. I have lived here for over twenty five years and I rather like it, especially in fall. I am 40 years old. I hold a bachelor of science in psychology from Carroll University and a master of arts in educational psychology from Marquette University. (PhD? Bah. To get one you have to learn more and more about less and less until you finally know everything about nothing.)

I work in higher education as a professional nerd. Specifically, I am the administrator of the web-based course management system. Teaching people about technology is one of my favorite things to do, thus I try to educate students and faculty about the ways in which computers can enhance teaching and learning. I am also generally fascinated with the social implications of internet communication.

When I’m not at my “day job,” I run a part-time photography business. I have a small collection of folding pocket knives. I have fondness for traditional wetshaving and it’s associated accouterments. I like to read and I like to bake bread. I am a Bright, I use a Macintosh and my politics trend liberal.

The “D” is for David.

Have other questions? You can send me an email at scott@scottfeldstein.net or you can IM me at TheBeeWolf.


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  1. Ooo you integrated your about me page in here. This is nice. How do make it not show on the index page and february archive?

  2. It’s a new feature of WP 1.5 called “pages.” It allows me to create pages like the one you’re looking at that can partake of all the blog infrastructure like comments and links and headers, but at the same time exist entirely outside of the blogs chronology. It’s a killer feature.

  3. I see. Hmm. Very tempted to upgrade now.

  4. Hi Scott,

    You and the fam have been on my mind a lot as of late. We need to get together soon. Couldn’t sleep. Decided to go on line…

    Hope all is well! The “100 List” is great! Laughed out loud at 7, 36, 50, 58, 85, 86, and 92.

    Be in touch.


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