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December 8, 2008

It’s not technically a blogiversary, but holy smokes. I’ve been on the web for thirteen years.

My blog will only be seven (!) years old in January, but I’ve had a web presence long before that. Back in December of 1995 there was no such thing as a blog. I hand-coded a static web page (and yeah, I mean one page) using my Macintosh Performa 630 and a two-part article in Mac User about HTML.

Other than the fact that the background of the page was canary yellow, I have no recollection of what was on it. Probably some quick biographical information about myself, and a few of my likes/dislikes. (Hey, I know unordered lists!)

My site went through several phases in the following years. There was the X-Files fan period. There was the I-know-Photoshop period. Then, seven years ago, I started using blog software.

What’s your web history?


Blog & Grog

November 25, 2008

I’ve never been to this get-together, but since it’s less than a mile from my house I think I’ll give it a try.


Blog or get off the pot

April 19, 2008

Not only have I not blogged in ages, the whole site was completely down for three days and I did nothing about it. Just let it sit there.

But now we’re back, so you can relax.

I am going to try to muster a decent post some time today. Hang on to your hats.



February 10, 2008

My wonderful daughter has decided to blog again. Welcome back, kid!


Holy cow

January 22, 2008

I’ve been blogging for six years!