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Bush legacy

December 5, 2008

Now that he’s on his way out, how do you think president George W. Bush will be remembered? Here’s a few of my ideas.

  • The Iraq war. It was unnecessary, it’s justification was either deceptive or incompetent, it was poorly executed, and there was an utter failure to deal with the aftermath. It also represents a major change in foreign policy: “preemptive” war. It will for a long time be regarded as the greatest foreign policy blunder in the history of the United States.
  • The contentious 2000 election.
  • 9/11. Because he was president when it happened.
  • The huge economic crisis that began in 2008. The extent to which he will actually be blamed for it isn’t clear to me, but all future discussions of the recession will include his name, as he was president when it came down.
  • Torture. Rendition. Secret prisons. Abu Ghraib. “Detainee abuse.” All that stuff.
  • Illegal wiretapping of American citizens.
  • Hurricane Katrina. Again, I doubt whether historians will place the blame for New Orleans solely on the federal government or the Bush administration. But one thing is sure: the president’s “heckuva job” tone-deafness has become one of the iconic moments of the incident.
  • Record budget deficits and record debt.
  • Embarrassing inarticulateness. “Bushisms.”

George W. Bush will not be thought of as a good president. Those who believe he’ll be remembered well are delusional. By the time eyewitnesses such as myself have passed on, this list may be distilled down to one item: the Iraq war. It’s possible, though, that the current economic crisis may rival it in historic importance. Let’s hope not.


WB Link Dump

June 16, 2008

Several days ago the power flickered in and out during a thunderstorm. This caused my home web server to shut down, and I’ve been too lazy to walk down into the basement to turn it back on–until today. So that’s what happened.

Now that it’s back, here’s a few things I’ve been meaning to note, but couldn’t because the site was down.

  • What are the Obama and McCain tax plans? Here’s the info you seek, courtesy of the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. I hope you can remind yourself of these facts every time you hear someone tell you that Obama is going to raise your taxes–and you’re going to hear that incessantly for the next six months.
  • Remember those super freaky 70s kids shows like “H.R. Pufnstuf,” “Sigmund and the Sea Monsters,” “Land of the Lost” and “Far Out Space Nuts”? Apparently you can get that shit on DVD now–if you want to. To me it’s just a reminder of how awful television used to be when I was a kid.
  • Remember Obama and his baby mama’s “terrorist fist jab”? I suggested there should be outrage. I guess there was some after all.
  • You probably know that your favorite liberal nut and mine, Dennis Kucinich, has introduced legislation in the House to impeach president Bush. Will it go anywhere? Not a chance. But here’s an interesting factoid: Impeaching bush is way more popular than impeaching Clinton ever was.