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November 3, 2008

Last night Karen and I watched 1408 starring John Cusak, a movie apparently based on a Stephen King story.

Cusack gave a solid B performance. He plays a guy to which a lot of horrible things happen, so there’s quite an opportunity to pull out all the stops and Cusack does so. In the film he plays Mike Enslin, a author who specializes in writing about haunted hotels. Enslin doesn’t really believe in the supernatural, but that changes when he checks into room 1408 at the Dolphin hotel in New York.

Samuel L. Jackson plays the hotel manager, who tries in vain to talk Enslin out of staying in the room. I always enjoy watching Jackson on screen, but I wish his scenes had been shot differently–more dramatically–with more really tight closeups. It felt like some scenes could have been made more tense and suspenseful that way.

1408 will probably not satisfy hardcore scare freaks. It had a few seriously creepy moments, but nothing that would make it unenjoyable for people who aren’t typically fans of the horror genre. “Watchable” is the word that immediately came to mind.

Definitely worth a rental if you’re looking for some name-brand, moderate-scare movie watching.