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December 8, 2008

It’s not technically a blogiversary, but holy smokes. I’ve been on the web for thirteen years.

My blog will only be seven (!) years old in January, but I’ve had a web presence long before that. Back in December of 1995 there was no such thing as a blog. I hand-coded a static web page (and yeah, I mean one page) using my Macintosh Performa 630 and a two-part article in Mac User about HTML.

Other than the fact that the background of the page was canary yellow, I have no recollection of what was on it. Probably some quick biographical information about myself, and a few of my likes/dislikes. (Hey, I know unordered lists!)

My site went through several phases in the following years. There was the X-Files fan period. There was the I-know-Photoshop period. Then, seven years ago, I started using blog software.

What’s your web history?


Slash this

July 24, 2008

It’s annoying when people say “forward slash” when giving you a web URL, right? I mean, everyone knows that web addresses only contain forward slashes. Just saying “slash” is quite enough.

What’s ten times more annoying, however, is when people say “back slash” when giving you web addresses. And there are people who do this. People who should know better.

I think we should round up all the slash confused and send them to a slash reeducation camp.


Eat your own dogfood

March 1, 2008

A couple of weeks ago I was giving an impassioned lecture on the web, blogs and organizations having conversations with their customers online. I told my students that many organizations and businesses just don’t get it. They’re afraid of engaging their customers and communities in a genuine dialog on their web sites. If they open the site up to visitor input, someone might say something critical of them, heaven forfend. I concluded my remarks by saying that if these organizations don’t want to have that conversation with their markets, their competitors will be happy to step in and do so.

Then one of my clever students raised her hand and asked a question. Did I have any visitor input on my photography web site?

Uh…no. But I should! I think. Yes, I definitely think I should. Heh.


Teaching Multimedia

January 10, 2008

I just now signed the contract for my appointment as an adjunct faculty member in Marquette University’s College of Professional Studies. They asked me to teach a course to adult undergraduates called simply “multimedia,” and I said yes. (You may recall that I mentioned this a while back, but that time it fell through due to low enrollment.)

Understand, dear reader, that I love nerding for a living. I do. But teaching is something I enjoy even more, so I am thrilled about this.

What’s in store for my class? I asked myself what my students should be able to do and know after having taken the course–“learning outcomes,” in edu-speak. First thing that came to mind is that they should be able to make a PowerPoint presentation that doesn’t suck. Second thing, they should understand how video is edited and compressed for use on the web. Third thing is they should be able not only to make a simple web site, but also to explain the unique strengths and weaknesses of the web as a medium, as well as the most common misunderstandings about it.

So there you go. Knowing where we need to be at the end, I can chart the course to get there. A syllabus emerges, with reading assignments and hands-on projects.

The adventure begins next Saturday.